Search, Save, or Share News Stories on Your iPad - dummies

Search, Save, or Share News Stories on Your iPad

By Dwight Spivey

It’s handy to be able to save news stories to read offline at any time and to share items that interest you with others who might also like them. If you have a particular news story you’d like to follow, you can search for it from within News on your iPad.

  1. With the app open, tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen. You’re presented with a Search field as well as some Suggestions.
  2. Enter a search term or phrase and press Enter or tap an item in the search results (shown).

If you don’t find what you want in the results, tap the Show More Topics or Show More Channels links in the results list.

To save and/or share news stories, do the following:

  1. In the News app, open a news story.
  2. Tap the Share button in the top-left corner.
  3. In the Share dialog (shown here), share your story via any of the methods listed — for example, Message or Mail.
  4. To save your story for reading offline later, tap the Save button. To remove a saved story from your Saved list, tap the Don’t Save button (appears only if the story has previously been saved).
  5. To view saved stories, return to the News app by tapping the Back button and then tap the Saved button. Your saved stories are displayed (as shown).