How to Search for a Note on Your iPad - dummies

How to Search for a Note on Your iPad

By Dwight Spivey

You can search to locate a note that contains certain text. The Search feature in the Notes app on your iPad lists only the notes that contain your search criteria, and it highlights only the first instance of the word or words you enter when you open a note.

  1. Tap the Notes app icon on the Home screen to open Notes.
  2. Tap the Search field in the Notes list on the left, and the onscreen keyboard appears. If you don’t see the Search field, just swipe down on the Notes list to reveal it.
  3. Begin to enter the search term. All notes that contain matching words appear on the list, as shown in the figure.
  4. Tap a note to display it with the first instance of the search term highlighted; locate other instances of the matching word the old-fashioned way — by skimming to find it.