How to Save an Image from the Web to Your iPad’s Photo Library - dummies

How to Save an Image from the Web to Your iPad’s Photo Library

By Jesse Feiler

As you have probably found, there are tons of great images on the web. There are many reasons you may want to save an image to your iPad. Doing so allows you to access the image at a later time without internet access. Follow these simple steps to find out how.

  1. Display a web page that contains an image you want to copy or share.
  2. Press and hold the image. From looking at the web page, it’s not easy to tell if the image has a link connected to it or not. The following steps help you.
  3. If a link is attached to the image, you will see something similar to the image below. Those are your choice for sharing the image inside Safari. The final Share item opens the Sharing popover for you to share beyond Safari.
  4. If there is no link attached to the image, your only choices are Save Image and Copy.

If you copy the image, you can paste it into a note, word processing document, or another place.

If you save the image, it’s saved in your Photos gallery.

Be careful about copying images from the Internet and using them for business or promotional activities. Most images are copyrighted, and you may violate the copyright even if you simply use an image in, say, a brochure for your association or a flyer for your community group. Some search engines’ advanced search settings offer the option of browsing only for images that aren’t copyrighted.