Run Your iPad from the Control Center - dummies

Run Your iPad from the Control Center

As you’ll soon see, your iPad or iPad mini is positively bristling with useful tools. However, sometimes your tablet’s tools aren’t always readily accessible. Most features and settings require several taps, which doesn’t sound like much, but it can get old fast with features you use frequently.

Your iPad or iPad mini offers another way undo your most recent action using the onscreen keyboard. Tap the .?123 key and then tap Undo. If you change your mind, you can “undo the undo” by tapping the #+= key and then tapping Redo.

Fortunately, your tablet aims to solve that problem by offering the Control Center. This is a special screen that offers one-flick access to a dozen of your tablet’s most useful features. “One-flick access” means just this: from any iPad or iPad mini screen, flick your finger up from the bottom of the screen.

This displays the Control Center, as shown in this figure. To hide the Control Center, either tap the Home button or tap the downward-pointing arrow that appears at the top of the Control Center screen.