The Revamped Control Center for Your iPad - dummies

The Revamped Control Center for Your iPad

By Bob LeVitus, Edward C. Baig, Bryan Chaffin

Apple revamped Control Center in iOS 11, and it’s different on the iPad and iPhone. The first major change from the previous version is that the multi-panel Control Center is gone. In its place, you get everything on one screen, along with the application switcher and the dock, as shown here. You can also customize some of the controls in Control Center, too. That’s a big change, so let’s take a closer look.

Control Center is merely a swipe away.

If you access Control Center from the lock screen, you won’t get the app switcher or the dock.

On the right side of the screen is the new Control Center. It’s simplified, sleeker, and semi-customizable.

Five groupings of buttons appear. The first is for the iPad’s radios: Airplane Mode, Cellular Data (if your iPad is a Wi-Fi + Cellular model), Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. If you press and hold down on that group, you’ll get expanded controls that add AirDrop and Personal Hotspot, as shown here. Now that’s different than in previous versions, so you might want to consider taking some time to play around with it and become familiar.

Expand Control Center groups and buttons by tapping and holding down.

Tapping the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth button in iOS 11’s Control Center no longer turns off those radios on your iPad. Instead, it disconnects your iPad from any connected Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth devices, respectively. To truly turn off those radios— say, to save battery life — you need to go to Settings.

Below the radio controls are the music controls: previous, play, and next. Tap and hold down, and you get a volume slider and AirPlay options.

Next are brightness and volume sliders that look more like a thermometer metaphor than a slider metaphor. Tap and slide in either control to effect screen brightness and volume, respectively. If you tap and hold down on the volume slider, you’ll just get a bigger volume slider. But tapping and holding down on the brightness slider will add buttons for Night Shift and True Tone.