Resize a Table in iPad Numbers App - dummies

Resize a Table in iPad Numbers App

Numbers is a very practical addition to the other iWork apps on iPad, and tables are at the heart of Numbers — they’re where you enter your data.

You can resize a table in two ways: add or remove rows or columns to or from the table, or leave the number of rows and columns the same and change the overall size of the table. You may even want to do both.

Add or remove rows and columns at the right or bottom in iPad Numbers

Tap the Cells button in the top-right corner of the column frame to add a new column at the right of the table. To add a new row at the bottom, tap the Cells button in the bottom-left corner of the row frame, and a new row is added to the bottom of the table.

To remove a blank column or row at the right side or bottom of a table, drag the appropriate Cells button to the left or to the top of the frame — the extra rows or columns disappear.

Add or remove rows and columns inside the table in iPad Numbers

Select the row or column below or to the right of the new row or column. From the selection buttons, tap Insert to add a new row above the selected row or a new column to the left of the selected column.

Change a table’s size in iPad Numbers

Select the table so that the handles (small blue dots) are visible at the right side and bottom. These handles work like any other resizing handles in Numbers: Simply drag them horizontally or vertically to change the table’s size. The content of the table automatically resizes to fit the new table size. The numbers of rows and columns remain unchanged, but their sizes may be adjusted.

You can select the table by tapping the round button at the top-left of a table.