Public Transportation and Walking Directions on iPad Maps - dummies

Public Transportation and Walking Directions on iPad Maps

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

After you provide a starting and ending location to Maps on your iPad, but before you tap the Start button, the blue banner displays three icons on its left side: a car, a bus, and a person walking.


Showing directions by car is the default. For public transportation information, tap the Bus icon. You then have the following options:

  • To see the departure and arrival times for the next bus or train, as shown in this figure, tap the little clock that appears on the blue banner. Tap Load More Times to see additional departures and arrivals.

    These schedules are occasionally out of date, so you might want to confirm the schedule with another source.


  • To see the route directions, tap the Start button. Then, to see the next step in the directions, tap the right-arrow button; to see the preceding step, tap the left arrow.

    Or, if you prefer to see the public transportation directions displayed as a list with all the steps at once, tap the List button on the left side of the blue banner; the directions appear in an overlay, as shown in this figure.

    Tap any item in the list to see that leg of the trip displayed on the map. If you want to return to the step-by-step directions in the blue banner and use the arrow buttons to navigate again, tap the little rectangle in the upper left on the Directions overlay. The list disappears and the banner reappears.


For step-by-step directions for walking, tap the Person Walking icon. Walking directions generally look a lot like driving directions except for your travel time. For example, driving time in this example is approximately 12 minutes with traffic; walking time (not shown) is estimated at 1 hour and 25 minutes.