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Protect Your iPad with a Case

Your screen isn’t the only element on the iPad that can be damaged, so consider getting a case for it so you can carry it around the house or around town safely. Besides providing a bit of padding if you drop the device, a case makes the iPad less slippery in your hands, offering a better grip when you’re working with it.

Several types of cases are available for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, and more are showing up all the time.


You can choose the Smart Cover, from Apple, for example ($39 for polyurethane), which covers the screen only; the Smart Case from Apple, which covers both the front and back ($49 in polyurethane; $69 in leather for iPad mini 3 and $79 in leather for iPad Air 2); or a cover from another manufacturer, such as Tuff-Luv or Griffin, that comes in materials ranging from leather to silicone.


Cases range from a few dollars to $70 or more for leather, with some outrageously expensive designer cases costing upward of $500. Some provide a cover for the screen and back; others protect only the back and sides or, in the case of Smart Cover, only the screen.

If you carry your iPad around much, consider a case with a screen cover to provide better protection for the screen, or use a screen overlay, such as InvisibleShield from Zagg.