Post to Facebook Using Emoticons with the Emoti HD App for iPad - dummies

Post to Facebook Using Emoticons with the Emoti HD App for iPad

Emoti HD is an app that allows you to post great-looking emoticons in your Facebook posts, images that can be informative for those reading your posts, but images that can also simply draw more attention to your posts.

Emoti HD’s high-quality images are colorful, and they just pop off the screen on both your iPad and on Facebook in your browser. The app includes all the basic emoticons for happy, angry, sad, ecstatic, crying, proud, goofy, surprised, in love, and even sleeping. But there’s much more, too. There are sports and thank-you emoticons, emoticons to denote that it’s raining, snowing, hot, or cold. There are military emoticons, food, music, gambling, and religious emoticons. There are gay-pride, graduation, and baby emoticons (It’s a boy! It’s a girl!), and even emoticons for the major holidays. That’s a lot of emoticons, but the developer says that more are coming!

You can also use Emoti HD to post to Facebook without using an emoticon, too, making this app a one-stop shop for posting. On the first page of emoticons, you’ll find a dotted box with the text “no emoti” in it. Tap that, make your post, and your post will have no image and look like a normal Facebook post.


To make a post, tap an emoticon and you get a keyboard and a spot to write your post. Write the post, tap the Share button, and you’re done! On your first post, you’ll have a Facebook Connect button you tap to log into Facebook from Emoti HD. If you need to change accounts, you can log out of the current account by tapping the From field in a new post. You can pick your destination (your own Wall, a friend’s Wall, a Group, a Page, or a Fan Page) by tapping the second field. It’s very easy to use, and it may even be the most direct way to post to Facebook from your iPad.