Pocket Legends Game App for iPad - dummies

Pocket Legends Game App for iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

If you’re a fan of MMORPG-style gaming, you will find that Pocket Legends for iPad app is an incredibly cool 3D MMO game that doesn’t (or at least doesn’t have to) cost you a cent.

For those who aren’t already fans of the genre, MMORPG is the acronym for Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

What that means is that you can join thousands of players from all over the world when you play. You begin by choosing one of three character classes to play as: an archer, an enchantress, or a warrior. Then, you (and, optionally, other players) wander around dungeons, forests, and castles killing zombies, skeletons, demons, and other bad guys and collecting gold pieces.

Every so often, your character finds weapons, armor, and shields, or you can buy them with the gold you find. The longer you play, the more powerful your character becomes and the more powerful the weapons, armor, and shields you can use.

This figure shows a character (Doc) in a forest shooting a fireball at a bad guy. The in-game help system shows you pretty much everything you need to know to play Pocket Legends.


Did you notice the phrase “doesn’t have to cost you money” rather than the more absolute “doesn’t cost you money” back in the first paragraph? Here’s the reason: If you enjoy playing, you’ll probably want to purchase additional dungeon campaigns, platinum, additional characters, or one of the other goodies that are available for in-app purchase.

You can have a lot of fun for a good long time without laying out a dime — but if you like playing, you’ll probably find yourself considering a purchase or two.