Play Music with iTunes Radio on Your iPad - dummies

Play Music with iTunes Radio on Your iPad

By Nancy C. Muir

You don’t need to rely on a separate device to play music; your iPad can serve as your radio. You can access iTunes Radio with any Apple device that has iOS 7 or later, or a computer running iTunes 11 or later. Begin by tapping the Music icon on the Home screen.

  1. Tap the Radio button at the bottom of the screen that appears.

  2. Tap a Featured Station. A featured radio station begins to play.


  3. Use the tools at the bottom of the screen to control playback.


The more you use iTunes Radio, the better it gets at building stations that fit your taste.

Don’t see the music you’d like to listen to? You can find stations by category. To do so, first tap the Music button on the Dock.

  1. Tap Radio.

  2. On the iTunes Radio home page, scroll down to view stations organized by category and tap a station. The station begins to play.


Shazam is a music recognition app that is integrated into Siri. Essentially, Siri can now “recognize” and identify music playing around you.