Photo Albums on Your iPad - dummies

Photo Albums on Your iPad

Tapping Albums lists all the albums you have on your iPad, with your camera roll at the upper left. Apple has kindly supplied additional premade albums: Panoramas, for all the panoramic scenes you’ve captured, Bursts for, well, your burst pictures, Videos, and Recently Deleted, to give you a chance to recover any images that were accidentally given the heave-ho.


Apple also displays the number of days before those pictures are permanently gone.

Albums that were synced from your Mac carry the From My Mac tag. These include the Events album and the Faces album, which used to have dedicated buttons in iOS, but no more. Another album that used to have its own dedicated button is Places.

Tap an album listing to open it. When you do, you see the minimalistic interface shown, which reveals the by-now-familiar Camera Roll album.


Browse the thumbnails until you find the picture or video you want, and then tap it.

You’ll know when a thumbnail represents a video rather than a still image because the thumbnail displays a tiny movie camera icon accompanied by the length of the video. Or you’ll see a hatched circle, which represents video captured in slow motion or a time lapse.

Meanwhile, you can tell whether a photo is part of a burst binge in a couple ways. The first way is exposed here in the camera roll. The thumbnail that represents this sequence of shots will appear as though it’s sitting on a stack of photos. (You’ll see this thumbnail stack also when you come to collections view in the Photos app.)

Tap the thumbnail now. In the second way, the word Burst appears in the upper left of an image you’ve opened, with a numerical count of burst photos in parentheses.

If you can’t locate the thumbnail for a photo you have in mind, flick up or down to scroll through the pictures rapidly, or use a slower dragging motion to pore through the images more deliberately. You’ll find the one you’re looking for soon enough.

To return to the list of albums, tap Albums at the upper-left corner of the screen. After backing out, you can create an album from the albums view by tapping the + in the upper-left corner, typing a name for the album, and tapping Save. To select pictures (or videos) to add to your newly minted album, tap their thumbnails.

Albums you create on the iPad reside only on the iPad. They can’t be synced or copied to your PC or Mac, at least without work-arounds through a third-party app such as Dropbox.