Pandora Radio for the iPad - dummies

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Fans of Pandora on other computers and mobile devices will be practically delirious that this custom Internet radio service is available gratis on the iPad. Moreover, the addition of multitasking means that you can play Pandora music in the background while doing other stuff.

Pandora works on the iPad in much the same way that it does on a Mac or PC. In the box at the upper left, type the name of a favorite artist, song title, or composer via the iPad keyboard, and Pandora creates an instant personalized radio station with selections that exemplify the style you chose.

Along the left panel of the figure, you see some of the eclectic stations created. Tapping QuickMix at the top of the list plays musical selections across all your stations.


Suppose that you type Beatles. Pandora’s instant Beatles station includes performances from John, Paul, George, and Ringo, as well as tunes from other acts.

And say that you type in a song title, such as Have I Told You Lately. Pandora constructs a station with similar music after you tell it whether to base tunes on the Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, or another rendition.

Pandora comes out of the Music Genome Project, an organization of musicians and technologists who analyze music according to hundreds of attributes (such as melody, harmony, and vocal performances).

You can help fine-tune the music Pandora plays by tapping the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down icon at the top of the screen above the album covers associated with the music you’ve been listening to during the current session.

Pandora also takes advantage of the generous screen real estate of the iPad to deliver artist profiles.

If you tap the Menu button below an album cover of the currently playing song, you can bookmark the song or artist that is playing, or head to iTunes to purchase the song or other material from the artist directly on the iPad (if available).