Monitor Stocks from Your iPad with the StockWatch App - dummies

Monitor Stocks from Your iPad with the StockWatch App

StockWatch for iPad is an app for people who want to monitor one or more stock portfolios and follow news pertaining to those stocks or the broader markets. It can be particularly handy for those with investments across multiple brokerage firms.

There are two main tabs in this app: Watchlist and Portfolios. As the name suggests, Watchlist is for setting up a list of individual stocks you want to watch. This is useful for individual companies you want to monitor from your portfolio, or for watching a company you’re considering adding to your portfolio.


Tap the chart to get a larger version, along with different viewing options from which to choose. These include the type of chart (line, bar, candlestick), the time frame (from one day to five years to max), and the different values you want to see in the chart.

The other main tab is the one labeled Portfolios. In this tab, you can set up one or more portfolios and monitor both their individual and collective performance. This is useful if you have a broad portfolio and want to be able to monitor it by sector (or whatever other breakdown you fancy) or if you have your investments spread out among multiple brokerages.

The view for this tab includes a pane that shows the value of all your portfolios, another pane for the portfolio you have selected, and a third pane for the individual stocks in that portfolio. The middle of the screen shows detailed information on the day’s trade and a chart, just like the Watchlist tab has. The third pane is for news relating to the individual stock you have selected.

You can set an app-specific passcode if you wish to prevent other users of your iPad from accessing the information in this app. You can find this in the Settings tab.