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Manage Your RSS Feeds with the Instapaper App for iPad

The Instapaper app for iPad allows you to tag articles, Web sites, Flickr pics, and just about everything else on the Web for viewing later when you have a moment to spare. You can even view your tagged content offline, when you’re not connected to the Web.

Instapaper is a capable RSS news reader, but most users like it for its offline capabilities and the ability to gather lots of material from browsers and other apps for reading all at one time. Instapaper allows you to browse RSS feeds, each with its own folder. When browsing your feeds, you can either read the articles right then and there or save them to your Read Later folder.


You can also Star articles as a favorite. Tapping the star saves the article, but Instapaper also allows users to follow the Starred folders of their friends. You can also check out the Editor’s Picks folder for some interesting articles you might not have otherwise found.

The app takes content produced by others, usually content paid for by display advertising, and then presents that content without the ads. Some will delight in this, but that’s only because they don’t understand, or maybe just don’t care, that it’s the advertising that pays for what they are consuming. Still, each article in Instapaper has a link to the original posting on the Web, allowing users to view the article with its original formatting and layout, including any ads that paid for it.