Manage Your Budget with the SplashMoney App for iPad - dummies

Manage Your Budget with the SplashMoney App for iPad

SplashMoney HD is a money-management app for the iPad that lets you monitor online bank accounts and credit cards, create budgets, and track your actual spending. You can sync data between the iPad app and the Mac or Windows version of the company’s software, which is very handy.

You can also directly download online banking information from a list of a couple hundred banks and online banking services, including most of the major banks. It also includes an app-specific password option for additional security.

Setting up Splashmoney takes some time, but once you do that initial setup, it’s pretty easy to work. The key is to simply make sure you keep up with it. It comes with a few default accounts, including Checking, Savings, and three credit card accounts.


Once you’ve entered a transaction assigned to a particular payee, the next time you select that payee for a new transaction, the category, payment type, and other things you selected are autofilled from the previous transaction. This is a handy timesaver, especially for those transactions you conduct frequently, like buying gas or groceries.

After you’ve set up all the proper accounts and have some transactions under your belt, you can get reports that show you where your money is going. You can view these reports in list form or as a pie chart, and doing both might really change the way you think about how you spend your money.

If you’re really ambitious, you can even establish budgets for each category you want to track. Need to cut back on how much you spend on movies, or maybe coffee? Establish a budget and monitor it throughout the month. SplashMoney will show you what your budget is, what you’ve actually spent, and the difference.