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Making Travel Arrangements from Your iPad

Your iPad can help you out from the very beginning of your trip planning. You can book flights, check your flight time, rent a car, and get local maps of the public transit system at your destination, all from the comfort of your iPad.

Getting there by air

This list is a mixed bag of travel-booking tools and apps that help you check on your seat assignment or flight status:

  • Travelocity: This nicely designed app lets you book travel online, save itineraries, and get flight information. You can explore destinations by great deals, upcoming events, or available travel guides. You can even check out hotels and sort the results by distance, price, or rating.

  • Airline Seat Guide: By using Airline Seat Guide, which has data from over 100 airlines and 1,200 plane models, you get the advice you need to choose the best seat to make your travel more enjoyable.

  • AirportStatusFree: Get information about flight status and delays all around the United States and parts of Canada with this app. You even get information about the cause of delays, such as weather and airport closures.

Several airlines have their own mobile apps for booking or checking flight status, and in some cases features for checking your standby status, checking in, and generating a boarding pass. These include:

  • American Airlines Travel

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Mobile

  • British Airways

  • Virgin Atlantic


If you’re a frequent flier, check out the Air Mileage Calculator app. You can get the mileage for travel between airports worldwide with up to three legs for each trip. You can also have the app calculate bonuses based on your frequent flier status and the class of travel.

If packing is a challenge for you and you don’t have a valet to help you out, try PackingPro. Keep track of lists of what you need by trip, including your passport, clothing, and vital accessories such as an umbrella for that trip to Seattle. If you’re organizationally challenged, it might save your neck as you prepare for trips.

Renting a car

If you want to deal with your car rentals from your iPad, you’ll be glad to hear that there are apps that help you do just that.

  • Priceline Hotel & Car Negotiator helps you find the best deal on airport car rentals. If you’re in a rush, you can book up to 30 minutes before you need your car using this app. And Priceline lets you bid on the best price to save you the most money on your rental car.

  • Car Rentals lets you search among 15,000 national and international car rental options. You can sort your options by their distance from you, and book the car of your choice from major car rental companies.

You can also get individual apps for your favorite car rental companies, such as Avis or Hertz.

Road Trip Lite is a utility that helps you track your mileage and fuel economy, which may help you estimate your costs if your rental car doesn’t include unlimited miles.

Finding your way around town

Before you set off on your trip to the big city, you might want to download one of these apps to get local transit system maps, schedules, and more:

  • Transit Maps comes with one transit map, but enables you to download transit maps as graphics files from the Internet using its own browser feature.

  • iTransit Buddy is a series of apps for various metro areas designed for iPhone but usable on iPad. If you want lots of transit maps, you can subscribe to iTransitBuddy and get access to all their map apps.