Make iPad Music with the GarageBand App - dummies

Make iPad Music with the GarageBand App

GarageBand is a music composition and playing app that has been pre-installed on Mac computers for a while, and now it’s available for iPad. You have to buy the app for about $5 from the App Store. After you install it, you can start making music as follows:

1Tap GarageBand on the Home screen where it appears.

A menu of instruments appears. Swipe left or right to scroll through the instruments.

2Tap an instrument, such as Keyboard, to display it.

Each instrument has slightly different options, but all allow you to record what you play on the virtual instrument, play it back, visit any songs you have saved, control volume, and return to the main menu of Instruments. Tapping the Instruments button allows you to change to a different instrument.

3Tap the Instrument Settings button to control settings such as echo and reverb.

These options let you give your music cool effects. The Song Settings button lets you add sounds or adjust the tempo.

4Tap the instrument to produce sounds.

If you want to record what you’re playing, tap the Record button to start recording and tap it again when you’re done.

5Playback what you've recorded by tapping My Songs, tapping an item, and then tapping the Play button.

Play with all the instruments and sounds. You can’t break anything and the great built-in help system can help you figure out most features!