Listen to Music on Your iPad with the Pandora Radio App - dummies

Listen to Music on Your iPad with the Pandora Radio App

The Pandora Radio app brings the Pandora streaming radio service from your browser to your iPad. There are a lot of streaming radio stations on the Internet, but Pandora came up with an approach of offering a wide variety of music to people in a way that they actually wanted to listen to it.

When you first launch Pandora, you’re prompted to sign in with an existing account or create a new one. Once you’re signed in, you can Create a New Station by simply searching for a band (or song or artist). When you do, Pandora starts playing a song by that band, a song that you can then give a thumbs up or down to. Pandora then looks at the songs you like (and don’t like), and plays other songs it thinks you will like based on what people with similar tastes have said they like. This allows you to train your stations to play music you’re probably going to really enjoy.


You should rate as many songs as you can. The more data Pandora has, the more you’ll like your stations. The stations and song ratings allow you to train those stations to play only songs you’re likely to like, but you’re still going to hear songs and bands you’ve never heard before.

When you give a song a thumbs down, Pandora immediately skips to the next song.

You can create as many stations as you want, each one starting with an artist, song, or composer. If a station gets out of control for you, delete it and start a new one.

Pandora is free, but the free service limits you to 40 hours of listening per month, a limit relating to a royalty agreement between the station and rights holders. For most users, 40 hours per month will probably be enough, but for an annual fee you can have unlimited listening time, no ads, and a desktop app for listening to Pandora without a browser on your Mac or PC. The only real advantage to iPad users is the lack of ads and the unlimited listening; plus, you’re supporting a cool service (and the rights holders of all those songs).