iPad: Usage Settings - dummies

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

The General Settings section of the iPad gives you a lot of information about your device. Here you can find other settings for statistics on iPad usage:

  • Battery percentage: You almost always see a little battery meter in the upper-right corner of the screen, except in those instances when you watch videos in which the whole top bar disappears. If you also want to see your battery life presented in percentage terms, make sure that the Battery Percentage setting is turned on.

  • Cellular usage (3G and 4G models only): This is the amount of network data you sent and received over the AT&T or Verizon networks, a setting that appears only if you have a Wi-Fi + 3G or +4G iPad. You can reset these statistics by tapping the Reset Statistics button.

    This is where you find out how close you are to using up your monthly data allotment.

  • iCloud: Shows the amount of total and available storage. Tap Manage Storage to, well, manage your iCloud storage, and if need be to buy more storage space.

  • Storage (for the device): Lets you check out which apps on your iPad are hogging the most storage.

The Settings area on the iPad is roughly analogous to System Preferences on a Mac or the Control Panel in Windows, with a dash of application preferences thrown in for good measure.