iPad mini: Using Siri to Your Best Advantage - dummies

iPad mini: Using Siri to Your Best Advantage

Part of iPad mini For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To use the Siri feature on your iPad mini, press and hold the Home button until you see this on the screen: “What can I help you with?” Release the button, and Siri is ready to answer your question. Ask Siri questions or make Siri open iOS 7 apps for you. Siri can do things on your iPad mini that you might not even expect, like make appointments or set reminders.

Here are just a sampling of questions to ask Siri:

  • Get weather info:

    What’s the weather today?

    How’s the weather this week?

    What will the temperature be in Boca Raton tomorrow?

  • Open apps:

    Play Infinity Blade III.

    Launch Photos.

    Open Red Laser app.

  • Find information:

    What did the NASDAQ close at today?

    Who won the Cubs game today?

    How many feet are in a kilometer?

    What time is it in Tokyo?

    What movies are playing nearby?

  • Miscellaneous:

    Remind me to call Mom when I get home.

    Schedule dinner with Lisa Monday night at 7.

    Do I have any appointments tomorrow?

    Play music by the Beatles.

    Find good pizza nearby.

    Enable Wi-Fi.

    Set an alarm for 6:30AM tomorrow.

    Find pictures of Vizsla puppies.