iPad Maps: Zooming In and Out - dummies

iPad Maps: Zooming In and Out

You’ll appreciate the feature in the iPad’s Maps app that allows you to zoom in and out to see more or less detailed maps and to move around a displayed map.

If you’ve used an online mapping program, you know that you frequently have to move to more or less detailed views of the map to find what you’re looking for: The street detail doesn’t show the nearest highway, and the region level doesn’t let you see that all-important next turn.

You can use the following methods on a displayed map to zoom in and out and move around a map:

  • Double-tap with a single finger to zoom in and reveal more detail.

  • Double-tap with two fingers to zoom out and reveal less detail.

  • Place two fingers together on the screen and move them apart to zoom in.

  • Place two fingers apart on the screen and pinch them together to zoom out.

  • Press your finger to the screen and drag the map in any direction to move to an adjacent area.

It can take a few moments for the map to redraw itself when you enlarge, reduce, or move around it, so have a little patience. An area that’s being redrawn will look like a blank grid but will fill in, in time. Also, if you’re in Satellite or Hybrid view, zooming in may take some time; wait it out because the blurred image will resolve itself.