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iPad Apps for Tracking Your Trip Expenses

By Nancy C. Muir

Whether you are trying to stay on budget during your vacation or keeping a receipt collection for the business trip reimbursement check, your iPad can help you track your expenses. No need to have a pocketful of crumpled receipts. The iPad can do it all for you!

To make your iPad travel experience easier, try these great apps that help you keep all your trip expenses in order:

  • XpenseTracker: For $4.99, you get both an expense-tracking app and mileage log. This one comes with several PDF report templates that can come in handy.

  • My Travel Assistant: With a $2.99 price tag, this app designed for the iPhone is easy to use for tracking expenses and has some very nice tools for analyzing your expenditures as well. Plus, it supports 51 languages.

  • MileBug: This easy-to-use app costs $2.99 and helps you keep track of dollars spent and miles traveled.

If you frequently travel out of the country, you may want to check out these iPad apps that help you juggle currency exchange rates.

Don’t forget that when you’re in the privacy of your hotel, you can use the Dictation feature on your iPad to speak your expense entries into a Numbers or other dictation-compatible app. Hands-free expense reporting!