iOS 8 Changes to the iPad Notification Center - dummies

iOS 8 Changes to the iPad Notification Center

With the arrival of iOS 8, you can make a lot of modifications directly in Notification Center on your iPad without paying a separate visit to Settings. In the today summary view, you get to choose whether to display traffic conditions, your calendar, reminders, and the tomorrow summary.

Also new with iOS 8 is the capability to display compatible third-party widgets for apps you’ve installed on your iPad. To make such determinations, make sure the Today tab in Notification Center is highlighted and then tap Edit.

Apple understands that sometimes you don’t want to be bothered by notifications or other distractions, no matter how unobtrusive they might be. The result is a feature aptly named Do Not Disturb. Flip the switch so the setting is turned on (green), and a moon icon appears in the status bar.

Then you can rest assured that your alerts are silenced until you turn the setting off. Of course, it’s even easier to turn this setting on or off in Control Center.