iBooks Author’s Views and Interface Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

iBooks Author’s Views and Interface Keyboard Shortcuts

By Galen Gruman

Part of iBooks Author For Dummies Cheat Sheet

iBooks Author has many handy shortcuts that you can take advantage of. This table lists shortcuts specific to adjusting the iBooks Author views and interface.

Views and Interface Controls
Action Shortcut Menu Sequence
View or hide the Inspector panel Option+Apple command+I View–Show/Hide Inspector
Switch between Portrait and Landscape views of your book Option+Apple command+R View→Change Orientation
Show or hide the outlines for objects onscreen Shift+Apple command+L View/Show/Hide Layout Boundaries
Show or hide the onscreen rulers Apple command+R View→Show/Hide Rulers
Show or hide the format bar Shift+Apple command+R View→Show/Hide Format Bar
Show or hide the Styles drawer Shift+Apple command+T View→Show/Hide Styles Drawer
Show or hide the Glossary toolbar Shift+Apple command+E View→Show/Hide Glossary Toolbar
Show or hide the Colors panel Shift+Apple command+C View–Show/Hide Colors
Show or hide the invisible characters, such as spaces and
Shift+Apple command+I View–Show/Hide Invisibles
Zoom in Shift+Apple command+(period) View→Zoom→Zoom In
Zoom out onscreen Shift+Apple command+(comma) View→Zoom→Zoom Out