iBooks Author’s Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts

By Galen Gruman

Part of iBooks Author For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you’re formatting text and objects in iBooks Author, certain keyboard shortcuts make the job a snap. You can adjust style, text layout, and more with these iBooks Author shortcuts.

Formatting Controls
Action Shortcut Menu Sequence
Indent the text in one level Apple command+] Format→Text→Increase Indent Level
Outdent the text in one level Apple command+[ Format→Text→Decrease indent Level
Copy the graphics attributes for applying to another
Option+Apple command+C Format→Copy Graphic Style
Copy the character style attributes for applying to another
text selection
Option+Shift+Apple command+C Format→Copy Character Style
Apply the copied graphics or character attributes to the
current graphic or text, respectively
Option+Apple command+V Format→Paste Style
Paste text and apply the default formatting Option+Shift+Apple command+V Edit→Paste and Match Style
Paste text and apply the formatting of the surrounding
Option+Shift+Apple command+V Edit→Paste and Retain Style
Define the selection as placeholder text Control+Option+Apple command+T Format→Advanced→Define as Placeholder Text
Define the selected object’s attributes as placeholder
Control+Option+Apple command+I Format→Advanced→Define as Media Placeholder