How to Work with Photos and Images on Your iPad - dummies

How to Work with Photos and Images on Your iPad

One important feature that distinguishes Apple software (including that for the iPad) from many other products is how easily you can use graphics and video in the documents you create. It’s probably not surprising for you to see Pages templates with photo placeholders in them, and it certainly makes sense that Keynote templates often include photos.

Photos, images, and video can be added — easily and productively — to any iWork for iPad document. You have two ways to do this: From the Documents screen, tap the Insert button (it looks like a plus sign); or select a template that includes a placeholder image.

Using a template with a placeholder image requires one more step than using the Insert button. Here’s how this process works:

1Create a document based on a template.

This figure shows the Harmony template in Keynote.

2Tap the plus sign (+) in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

A pop-up displaying various types of slide styles appears.

3Tap a slide style that contains an image.

Notice in the lower-right corner of the image placeholder that appears is an Add button. Tapping this button allows you access to a dialog from which you can insert another image to replace the placeholder image.

4Tap the Insert button in the bottom-right corner of the placeholder figure to open a list of your photo albums, as shown in this figure.

You can browse photos on your iPad as well as albums you have created in iPhoto or other programs such as Photoshop Elements and synchronized to your iPad or from photostreams.

5Tap to select the image you want to use instead of the placeholder.

The image is selected.

6Tap and drag the handles around the edges of the image in or out (see the figure), which lets you adjust the size of the image.

You start with the image the same size as the frame, but if you tap and drag handles in any direction, as you see in this figure, the image is shown dimly filling more and more of the entire screen.

7Use these eight handles on the frame to change its size and shape.

This is a hands-on way to handle tasks such as cropping images. Rest assured that the original image file is unchanged by these steps: You’re only changing the image’s appearance within the document.

You can drag the image around so that the part you want is inside the frame.