How to Watch YouTube Videos on Your iPad - dummies

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Your iPad

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

To watch a YouTube video on your iPad regardless of how you got to it — through one of the search methods or by following a link to it — just tap it. The movie begins to load, and after a brief wait — how long a wait is determined by the speed of your Wi-Fi or cellular network — the video begins to play.

You should see the controls described in this section, but if you don’t, just tap the video to bring up the video controls if they’re hidden. YouTube videos also display special controls of their own, including buttons for adding this video to your Favorites list or playlists, sharing this video with friends, rating this video, and several others, as shown in this figure.


In the gray banner across the top of the screen, you have (from left to right) the Back button (which says Search because that’s the name of the previous screen), the name of this video (iPad For Dummies 2E LeVitus), and the Search field.

Below the gray banner are five buttons:

  • Add: Add this video to your Favorites list or a playlist.

  • Share: Opens a new e-mail message with the title of the video as its subject. The message Check out this video on YouTube and the URL for the video appear in the message area. Just tap the blue plus button to choose an addressee from your contacts list or type an e-mail address and then tap the Send button.

  • Like: Lets you rate this video “thumbs up.”

  • Dislike: Lets you rate this video “thumbs down.”

  • Flag: Lets you flag this video as inappropriate.

Beneath the video in another gray banner (from left to right) is the Play/Pause button (a triangle in the figure), the Scrubber bar, the playhead, the AirPlay menu, and a pair of arrows. The first three are self-explanatory; tap the arrows to expand the video to full-screen.

If you don’t see the controls and Scrubber bar, tap anywhere on the movie and they magically reappear.


While viewing a video full-screen, a slightly different set of controls appear. To make them go away, tap the video once. The only button you may not recognize is the one in the upper-right corner, which looks like either a movie screen (top) or TV screen (bottom), as shown.

This button toggles the video between widescreen and normal modes. If you don’t know what that means, tap it a few times and you will. Tap the Done button in the upper-left corner of the screen or the little arrows to return to the video’s Info screen.

Last but not least, you can see a sidebar down the right side of the screen with three tabs: Related, More From, and Comments. Tap one to see that particular information about this video.