How to View Information about a Location on Your iPad - dummies

How to View Information about a Location on Your iPad

By Nancy C. Muir

You display the Information pop-up menu for locations to get directions on your iPad. To learn about your location, focus on the useful information displayed there. Go to a location and tap the pin.

  1. On the information box that appears above the pinned location, tap the arrow on the right.


  2. In the Information pop-up menu, tap the web address listed in the Homepage field to be taken to the location’s web page, if it has one associated with it.

  3. You can also press and hold either the Phone or Address field and use the Copy button to copy the phone number, for example, so that you can place it in a Notes document for future reference.

Tap the map to return to Map view.

Rather than copy and paste information, you can easily save all information about a location in your Contacts address book.

New to iOS 9 is the ability to share a map with the Notes app, which places the current map in a new note. Just tap the Share button and select Notes from the list of options.