How to Use the Search Field in the iTunes Store - dummies

How to Use the Search Field in the iTunes Store

Browsing the iTunes App Store is helpful, but if you know exactly what you’re looking for, searching is faster. Follow these steps to search for an app:

  1. Type a word or phrase into the Search field in the upper-right corner of the main iTunes window. Press Return or Enter to initiate the search.

    You see results for the entire iTunes Store, which includes music, television shows, movies, and other stuff in addition to iPad apps.


  2. Among your search results, find the category for iPad Apps.

    Because the screen displays results from Albums, Songs, Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, and more, you might have to scroll down to see the iPad Apps section.

    Fortunately, you can also easily filter by media type. Just tap iPad Apps in the list near the upper-right corner of the screen, and everything but iPad apps disappears from the screen. Sweet!

  3. Click the See All link to the right of the words iPad Apps.

    All the iPad apps that match your search word or phrase appear on a single screen.

One last thing: The little triangle to the right of each item’s price is another drop-down menu, as shown for the Adobe Photoshop Express app. This drop-down menu lets you give this app to someone as a gift, add it to your wish list, send an e-mail to a friend with a link to it, copy the link to this product to the Clipboard so that you can paste it elsewhere, or share this item on Facebook or Twitter.