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How to Use the iPad mini’s Auto-Correction Function

Here are three related tips about Auto-Correction on the iPad mini that can also help you type faster and more accurately. These tips will come in handy if you spend a lot of time typing on your iPad mini.

Basics of Auto-apostrophes on the iPad mini

First, know that you can type dont to get to don’t, and cant to get to can’t. We’ve told you to put some faith in the iPad’s Auto-Correction software. And that applies to contractions. In other words, save time by letting the iPad’s intelligent keyboard insert the apostrophes on your behalf for these and other common words.

We’re aware of at least three exceptions: The iPad can’t distinguish between it’s and its, can’t and cant, and won’t and wont. So if you need, say, e-mails to important business clients to be grammatically correct, remember that Auto-Correction can’t (not cant) get it (or it’s or its) right all the time.

In a similar vein, if you ever need to type an apostrophe (for example, when you want to type it’s), you don’t need to visit the punctuation and numeric keyboard. Instead, press the Exclamation Mark/Comma key for at least one second, and an apostrophe magically appears. Slide your finger onto it and then lift your finger, and presto — you’ve typed an apostrophe without touching the punctuation and numeric keyboard.

Basics of the rejection suggestion on the iPad mini

Along those same lines, if the Auto-Correction suggestion isn’t the word you want, instead of ignoring it, reject it. Finish typing the word and then tap the x to reject the suggestion before you type another word. Doing so makes your iPad more likely to accept your word the next time you type it and less likely to make the same incorrect suggestion again.

If you’re using a physical keyboard (for example, Apple’s Keyboard Dock or any Bluetooth wireless one), you can reject an autosuggestion by pressing the Esc key.

If you hate auto-correct on the iPad mini, turn it off

Some people, like two of our editors, for example (hi, Rebecca and Dennis!), don’t care for auto-correct and turn it off. If you hate it too, here’s how to get rid of it:

Tap Settings→General→Keyboard and tap the Auto-Correction switch to Off.

Settings→General→Keyboard is also where you enable or disable other keyboard-related features including Auto-Capitalization, Check Spelling, Enable Caps Lock, and the “double-tapping the spacebar will insert a period followed by a space” shortcut.