How to Use the iPad mini’s Audio Scrubber - dummies

How to Use the iPad mini’s Audio Scrubber

Here’s the situation: You’re listening to a podcast or audiobook on your iPad mini and trying to find the beginning of a specific segment by moving the Scrubber bar — the little red line representing the playhead — left and right.

The only problem is that the Scrubber bar isn’t very precise and your fat finger keeps moving it too far one way or the other. Never fear — your iPad has a wonderful (albeit somewhat hidden) fix.

Just press your finger on the Scrubber, but instead of sliding your finger to the left or right, slide it downward toward the bottom of the screen. This allows you to scrub in a different way,


As you slide downward, the scrubbing speed changes like magic, and the Scrubber bar moves in finer and finer increments. Furthermore, the speed is displayed below the Scrubber bar (Half-Speed Scrubbing) and updates in real time.

So when you slide your finger downward an inch or so, the speed changes to roughly half-speed scrubbing. Drag another inch or so and it changes to quarter-speed scrubbing. Keep dragging and it changes to very fine scrubbing. This scrub trick is easier to do than to explain, so give it a try.