How to Use the iPad Calendar Program - dummies

How to Use the iPad Calendar Program

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

The Calendar program on the iPad lets you keep on top of your appointments and events (birthdays, anniversaries, and so on). You open it by tapping the Calendar icon on the Home screen. The icon is smart in its own right because it changes daily; the day of the week and date display.

Mac users can sync their calendars with either iCal or the discontinued Microsoft Entourage (but strangely, not with Outlook 2011 for the Mac); PC users can sync calendars with Microsoft Outlook.

With the advent of iOS 5, you can create new calendars on your iPad; before, you had to create calendars on your Mac or PC and then sync them.

You have five main ways to peek at your calendar(s): Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views. Choosing one is as simple as tapping the Day, Week, Month, Year, or List button at the top of the Calendar screen. From each view, you can always return to the current day by tapping the Today button in the lower-left corner.

The iPad Calendar program makes it easy for you to search for appointments. Consider that you scheduled an appointment with your dentist months ago, but now you can’t remember the date or the time. You could pore through your daily, weekly, or monthly calendars or scroll through a List view until you land on the appointment. But that is the very definition of inefficiency.

The much faster way is to just type the name of your dentist in the Search box in the upper-right corner of the various Calendar screens or use the Spotlight search from your Home screen. You’re instantly transported to the date and time of the entry from your current calendar view.