How to Use the Do Not Disturb Feature on Your iPad - dummies

How to Use the Do Not Disturb Feature on Your iPad

If you occasionally need to escape all your obligations, try the Do Not Disturb feature of the Notification Center on your iPad. Turn this feature on, and you won’t be bothered with alerts until you turn it off again.

Do Not Disturb is a simple but useful setting you can use to stop any alerts and FaceTime calls from appearing or making a sound. You can make settings to allow calls from certain people through or to allow several repeat calls from the same person in a short period to come through. (Apple is assuming that such repeat calls may signal an emergency situation or an urgent need to get through to you.)

  1. Tap Settings and then tap Do Not Disturb.

  2. Tap the Manual On/Off switch to turn the feature on.

  3. In the other settings shown, do any of the following:

    • Tap the Scheduled switch to allow alerts during a specified time period to appear.

    • Tap Allow Calls From, and in the next screen, select Everyone, No One, Favorites, or All Contacts.

    • Tap the Repeated Calls switch to allow a second call from the same person in a three-minute period to come through.


  4. Press the Home button to return to the Home screen.

Do Not Disturb can also be applied to individual threads in Messages, which is new in iOS 8. This can be handy when you don’t want to be pinged each time someone in a Messages conversation replies.