How to Use the Distance Measure App in iOS 12 - dummies

How to Use the Distance Measure App in iOS 12

By Dwight Spivey

iOS 12 is packed with great tools for your iPad. iOS 12 uses the latest advancements in AR (augmented reality) and your iPad’s camera to offer you a cool new way to ditch your measuring tape: the Measure app! This distance measure app allows you to use your iPad to measure distances and objects simply by pointing your iPad at it. This distance measure app is fun to play with and surprisingly accurate to boot.

As of the initial release, the Measure app can only measure in straight lines, but Apple is working to allow more flexibility in upcoming iOS updates.

Make sure you have plenty of light when using the Measure app on your iPad, which increases the accuracy of your measurements.

  1. Open the Measure app by tapping its icon on your iPad’s screen.
  2. Your iPad will prompt you to calibrate the Measure app by panning your iPad around so the camera gets a good look at your surroundings.

    This is a necessary step to ensure accuracy of the distance measure app.

    iPad's distance measure app
    Calibrate Measure by panning with your iPad.
  3. Once calibrated, you’ll need to add the first reference point for your measurement.

    Do so by aiming the white targeting dot in the center of the screen to the location of your first reference point. Tap the Add a Point button (white button containing the +) to mark the point.

    iPad add point in Measure
    Add a starting point to iPad’s Measure app.
  4. Next, mark the second reference point by placing the targeting dot on the location and tapping the Add a Point button again.
    iPad measure point
    Add another measure point on your iPad.

    Should you make a mistake or simply want to start afresh, tap the Clear button in the upper-right corner to clear your reference points and begin again.

  5. The length of your measurement is displayed as a white line on your iPad, and the distance is shown in the middle of it.
    iPad Measure appears on scren
    iPad Measure appears as a white line on the screen.
  6. You can continue to make measurements by aiming the targeting dot at a previous reference point, tapping the Add a Point button, and moving your iPad to the next reference point, where you again tap the Add a Point button to make a new measurement.
    taking additional measurements with iPad
    Continue taking measurements with your iPad.
  7. When you’re finished measuring, tap the white Capture button (just above the Add a Point button) to save an image of your measurements to the Camera Roll in the iPad’s Photos app.

Measure is a very handy app, and is only going to get more useful as Apple updates it.