How to Use Tabbed Browsing on the iPad - dummies

How to Use Tabbed Browsing on the iPad

The Safari browser that came preloaded on your iPad includes a feature called tabbed browsing, which allows you to have several websites open at the same time on separate tabs so that you can move among those sites easily. Here’s how you add a tab.

  1. Tap the Add Tab button near the top-right corner of the screen (refer to the following figure). A new tab appears.


  2. To add a new page (meaning that you’re opening a new website), tap one of the frequently used sites displayed onscreen (see the following figure), or tap the address bar that appears.


    Note you can get to the same new page simply by tapping the address bar on any site.

  3. Switch among open sites by tapping another tab.

  4. To close a tab, scroll to locate the tab and then tap the Close button in the top-left corner of the tab.

When you’re using tabbed browsing, you can place not only a site on a tab, but also a search results screen. If you recently searched for something, those search results are in your Recent Searches list. Also, if you’re displaying a search results page when you tap the plus sign to add a tab, the first ten suggested sites in the results are listed for you to choose among.