How to Use Photo Stream on the iPad mini - dummies

How to Use Photo Stream on the iPad mini

As part of the iCloud service, any photo you take with the iPad mini or with another iOS device dating back to iOS 5 can be automatically pushed to all your other devices, specifically, your PC, Mac, other iPads, iPod touch, Apple TV (third generation or later), or iPhone. The transfer takes place through Photo Stream, the antidote to the endless of problem of “I’ve snapped a picture, now what?”

You need not fret about storage space using Photo Stream either. The last 1,000 pictures you’ve taken over up to 30 days are held in a special Photo Stream album for 30 days — enough time, Apple figures, for all your devices to connect and grab those images, because a Wi-Fi connection is your only requirement.

All the pictures you’ve taken remain on your PC or Mac, because those machines have more capacious storage. You can always manually move images from the Photo Stream album into other albums on your iPad mini or other iOS devices and computers.

Photos taken on the iPad mini aren’t whisked away into Photo Stream until you leave the Camera app. In that way, you get a chance to delete pictures that you’d rather not have turn up everywhere. But once you leave the Camera app, all the photos there are saved in My Photo Stream (found in the list of Albums in the Photos app).

The Camera Roll also includes pictures that arrived as e-mail attachments and eventually landed in there because you saved them. Screen captures taken on the iPad are there as well.

You can save pictures in the My Photo Stream album to any other album on the tablet.

  1. Choose the images you have in mind,

  2. Tap the Action icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

  3. Tap Save to Camera Roll.

If you delete pictures from My Photo Stream, they’re removed also from the stream on your other devices. But the pictures safely remain in Camera Roll in your iPad or whatever device you used to shoot them.

If (for some reason) the pictures you snap on the iPad mini are not being uploaded, go to Settings, scroll down and tap Photos & Camera, and make sure Photo Stream is turned on.