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How to Use iPad Apps to Stay Organized

Scheduling your time, tracking contacts, jotting down notes — they’re all a part of keeping organized in today’s hectic world. iPad offers three apps to help you do just that: Calendar, Contacts, and Notes.

Staying on schedule with the iPad Calendar

If the calendar features on your computer and mobile phone don’t already keep you on track, try iPad’s Calendar. This app provides a handy onscreen daybook you can use to set up appointments and send alerts to remind you about them.


You can also sync Calendar with your computer or iPhone, so you don’t have to make duplicate entries.

Keeping in touch with iPad Contacts

Today, it’s all about who you know and staying in touch. Contacts is the built-in address book feature for iPad that lets you do just that. You can use Contacts to enter contact information (including photos, if you like, from your Photos app) and share contact information via e-mail. You can also use a search feature to find contacts easily.


Contacts is another app you can sync with your iPhone or computer to save you tedious reentry of information.

Want to find your contact in the real world? Tap that person’s address in Contacts and the iPad Maps app shows you how to get there!

Taking Notes on your iPad

Notes is a simple notepad app where you can enter text or cut and paste text from a Web site or e-mails. You can’t do much except save your notes or e-mail them — there are no features for formatting text or inserting objects. But for simple notes on-the-fly, it’s useful.

Notes sports a familiar yellow pad interface. The font has a casual handwritten look and the icons along the bottom are pretty straightforward. You can move to the previous note, e-mail a note, trash a note, or move to the next note.


You enter info into Notes using the onscreen keyboard. If you’re a heavy note taker, consider buying the add-on keyboard dock from Apple. You can slot your iPad onto it, and type away on the small but very usable physical keyboard.