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How to Test a Review Quiz in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

You need to know how review quizzes actually work in iBooks if you want to create effective ones in your iBooks Author e-books. To ensure that your tests work properly, you have to test them on your iPad. The way to take a quiz isn’t intuitive, so you may want to give readers explicit instructions in your review object’s caption. Follow these steps to take a quiz on the iPad:

  1. Tap a review object to begin the quiz.

    The first question and its possible answers (for a multiple-choice question) appear.

  2. For a multiple-choice question, tap the selection bubble for the answer you believe is correct.

    A black check mark indicates your selection.

    If it’s an identification-label quiz, drag the labels to the targets where they belong.

  3. Tap the Check Answer button to register your answer.

    If the answer is wrong, the selected answer displays a white X in a red background, and you can try again, tapping Check Answer to register the new answer.

    If you tap the Next icon button (the right-facing triangle) to move on to the next question without tapping Check Answer, the e-book doesn’t check the answer’s accuracy when it provides the score at the end of the quiz and thus counts it as a wrong answer.

  4. After you check the question’s answer, tap Next.

    You proceed to the next question.

  5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for each question.

  6. (Optional) Go back through questions by tapping the Previous icon button (shown as a left-facing triangle) to change your previous answers.

    This approach means that iBooks Author quizzes aren’t meant so much for game-style quizzes but as a way to test readers in a way that helps them discover the correct answer along the way.

When you finish the quiz, the e-book shows the number of correct answers and explains that you can go back and adjust any answers, as desired, or tap the Start Over button to clear the check marks from the answers you selected. (Closing the e-book by going back to the iBooks Library also clears the answers you selected.)