How to Sync an iPad mini Calendar with a Desktop Calendar

The iPad mini can display the color-coding you assigned in Calendar (formerly iCal) in Mountain Lion or Mavericks on a Mac desktop computer. Cool, huh?

If you’re a Mac user who uses Calendar, you can create multiple calendars and choose which ones to sync with your iPad. What’s more, you can choose to display any or all of your calendars.

Calendar entries you create on your iPad are synchronized with the calendar(s) you specified via iCloud (Mavericks) or the Info pane in iTunes (Mountain Lion or earlier). You can also sync calendars with Microsoft Outlook on a Mac or versions of Microsoft Outlook (dating all the way back to Outlook 2003) on a PC.

The best solution we’ve found is to use iCloud to keep calendars updated and in sync across all your iOS devices and computers. On the iPad, tap Settings→iCloud and make sure the Calendars option is turned on (green).

One last thing: If you’re a Mac user running OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later, iCloud is the only way you can sync data.