How to Share Your Favorite Web Finds with the iPad mini - dummies

How to Share Your Favorite Web Finds with the iPad mini

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

When you find a great website that you just must share, use Safari on your iPad mini to tweet it, post it to Facebook, or — go old-school — print it. To make Twitter and Facebook work, of course, the iPad must know your username and password, which you can add in Settings.


Tap the share icon, and you find these sharing options:

  • AirDrop: Share the page with other people who have compatible devices and AirDrop. You’ll need to turn on AirDrop in Control Center (just drag upward from the bottom of the screen). Then you can choose whether to make your mini discoverable to everyone or only to people in your contacts. AirDrop works only with fourth-generation iPads or later, the iPad mini, or Mac computers with OS X Yosemite or later.

  • Message: Send a link to the web page in a text or an iMessage.

  • Mail: The Mail program opens with a link for the page in the message and the name of the site or page in the Subject line.

  • Twitter: The iPad adds to an outgoing tweet a link to the web page. You must fill in the rest of the actual post.

  • Facebook: Post the page — and whatever comments you choose to add — to the popular social network.

  • Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo: If available, you post via these Chinese blogging services. You need to activate a Chinese keyboard or language to see these options.

  • Print: The iPad searches for an AirPrint printer. If you have one, you can choose the number of copies you want. Tap Print to complete the job.