How to Share Location Information from Your iPad - dummies

How to Share Location Information from Your iPad

By Nancy C. Muir

The Maps app on your iPad provides all kinds of handy information. And because it’s so great, you may find yourself wanting to share the wealth. Well, that’s easy enough. Just follow these steps.

  1. Tap a pin to display the information box.

  2. Tap the arrow on the right of the box.

  3. In the Information pop-up menu that appears, tap the Share button.

  4. In the resulting pop-up menu, you can choose to share via AirDrop, Mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

    New with iOS 9, you also have the ability to share to Notes or Reminders. Tap Mail to see how this option works.


On the form that appears, use the onscreen keyboard to enter the recipient’s email address. (If you chose Facebook or Twitter in Step 4, you’d enter recipient information as appropriate to the service you chose.) Then enter a message if you wish, and tap Send to share the map.

You may have to install and set up the Twitter or Facebook app before sharing Maps content with those services. You also must have an account with these services to use them to share content.