How to Set Up a Configuration Profile to Connect to an Enterprise Network on Your iPad

By Nancy C. Muir

Microsoft Exchange support opens possibilities for using your iPad to connect with an enterprise network and its data remotely. If you work at a company using Microsoft Exchange and use an iPad, this is very good news.

Microsoft Exchange is a messaging standard that allows the exchange of information between networks. With a configuration profile in place, you can set up a Microsoft Exchange account on your iPad. A configuration profile is a way for the network administrator at your enterprise to set up your iPad to use the systems in your company, via Microsoft Exchange or a VPN (virtual private network), which controls access to corporate email or contacts.

Your administrator should check out the Enterprise Deployment Guide and the iPad Configurator utility from Apple to set up a configuration profile. After a configuration profile is in place, it can be emailed to you or placed on a secure web page. Alternatively, your company’s network administrator can install a configuration profile on your iPad for you.

When you receive a configuration profile, you can install it yourself by opening the message and tapping the file. Tap Install and enter any information that’s requested, such as your password.