How to Set Builds in Keynote for iPad - dummies

How to Set Builds in Keynote for iPad

You can jazz up a Keynote presentation on your iPad by using animations to build a slide. Building refers to the process of animating the appearance of each bullet or another object within a single slide.

Builds are much like transitions except, rather than occurring between slides, they work when elements within a single slide are displayed and control how those elements appear on the slide. For example, you might build a bulleted list displaying one bullet at a time. Here’s how to set a build:

1In the display portion of the screen, tap the object you want to build.

Each object can have two sets of builds: effects to build it into the slide (when the slide is shown) and effects to build it out of the slide (when the slide is closed).

2Tap the Tools button and then tap Transitions and Builds.

Buttons appear next to the object.

3Tap to choose the type of build you want to apply, as shown in this figure.

You can choose from either a build-in or a build-out.

4Select the build effect you want to use, as shown in the figure.

As with slide-to-slide transitions, as soon as you select an effect, tap the Play button and it previews for you.

5Tap the Options button at the bottom of the popover to set options, as shown in the figure.

You can begin the build when you tap or after the previous transition is complete. You can also set a delay in seconds before the transition begins. Note that a number in a yellow circle is created on the object you’re applying the build to; you can tap the number later to go back and change the effect or options.

6Tap the Delivery button at the bottom of the popover to select whether the build happens all at one time or with the addition of each component.

Depending on what the selected object is, this step can build each item in a bulleted list separately or each wedge in a pie chart in sequence. (Delivery options may not be available if they don’t apply.)