How to Search and Buy from the iTunes Store on Your iPad - dummies

How to Search and Buy from the iTunes Store on Your iPad

The iTunes Store is set up to be your most convenient source for content on your iPad. Sure, you can get content from other places, but the iTunes app comes pre-installed on your iPad, and Apple makes it easy to access from its devices.

Visiting the iTunes Store

Using the iTunes Store from your iPad is easy with the built-in iTunes app. You just tap the iTunes icon on the Home screen, enter your password, and tap OK.


Start exploring musical selections by tapping the Music button in the row of buttons at the bottom of the screen, if it’s not already selected. To scroll through featured selections, tap the Next or Previous arrow.


The navigation techniques in these steps work essentially the same in any of the content categories (the buttons at the bottom of the screen), which include Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and iTunes U. Just tap one to explore it.

If you want to use the Genius playlist feature, which recommends additional purchases based on your previous purchases, turn this feature on in iTunes on your computer and then, on your iPad, tap the Genius tab. Song and album recommendations appear.


Finding a selection

There are several ways to look for a selection in the iTunes Store. You can use the Search feature, search by genres or categories, or view artists’ pages. Here’s how these work:

  • Tap in the Search field and enter a search term using the onscreen keyboard. Tap the Search button on the keyboard or, if one of the suggestions given appeals to you, just go ahead and tap it.


  • Tap the Genre button (in some content types, such as Audiobooks, this is called the Categories button).


  • In a description page that appears when you tap a selection, you can find more offerings by the people involved. For example, for a music selection, tap the Artist’s Page link to see all of that artist’s selections. For a movie, tap the name of someone in the movie credits to see more of that person’s work.


Buying a selection

For all but movie selections, which you can often rent, other types of content require that you buy what you want to consume. Buying involves authorizing the purchase and downloading the content to your iPad (which is done automatically once the purchase part is complete).

When you find an item you want to buy, here’s how to make your purchase:

  1. Tap the button that shows either the price (if it’s a selection available for purchase) or the word Free (if it’s a selection available for free).


    The button label changes to Buy X, where X is the particular content you’re buying.

  2. Tap the Buy X button.

  3. Enter your password and tap OK.

    The item begins downloading and is automatically charged to your credit card.