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How to Replace Styles in iBooks Author

By Galen Gruman

When you are writing an entire book, formatting it consistently can be a challenge. iBooks Author makes it easy for you find and replace styles you used throughout your e-book by using the typical Find & Replace dialog box. To access it, choose Edit→Find→Find or press Command+F.

You can restrict the search to text with a specific character style or paragraph style applied by choosing an option from the Style pop-up menu in the Find section of the Advanced pane. All paragraph and character styles in your book appear in the pop-up menu’s options. But you can’t search for text that has a specific list style.

Likewise, you can apply a different style to the replaced text by choosing an option from the Style pop-up menu in the Replace section of the pane.

You can’t use the Find & Replace dialog box to remove a character style from the searched text.

By default, the Style pop-up menus are set to Any, which means to ignore the text’s style information. If you choose Any as the style for the search term, you can choose a specific style for the replacement term. That can come in handy if, for example, you want certain words, such as proper names, to always have a bold character style applied. You would replace the name with itself, selecting the desired character style in the Replace section’s Style pop-up menu.

The Style pop-up menus don’t distinguish between character and paragraph styles, so you can easily accidentally replace text’s character style with a paragraph style, which causes the entire paragraph to be restyled with the chosen paragraph style, which is rarely what you want.

Also, you can’t search for all text using a specific style and have iBooks Author apply a replacement style to it; you need to do that via the style drawer. (Choose View→Style Drawer or press Shift+Command+T.)


In the style drawer, paragraph styles are always visible. You can show and hide character styles and list styles by clicking the two icon buttons at the bottom-right of the style drawer.

If the Search Previous Text (Loop) option is selected in the Find & Replace dialog box (which it is by default), iBooks Author searches your entire book, starting at the current location, going to the end of the book, and looping back to the beginning of the book. If the option isn’t selected, iBooks Author searches only from the current location to the end of the book.