How to Real Time Traffic Info and Location Information on the iPad mini - dummies

How to Real Time Traffic Info and Location Information on the iPad mini

The Maps application on your iPad mini has more tricks up its sleeve. Here are a few nifty features you may find useful in your travels.

How to get real time traffic info on the iPad mini

You can find out the traffic conditions for the map you’re viewing by tapping the little i-in-a-circle in the lower-right corner of the map, and then tapping the Traffic switch so that it says On. When you do this, major roadways are color-coded to inform you of the current traffic speed. Here’s the key:

  • Green: 50 or more miles per hour

  • Yellow: 25 to 50 miles per hour

  • Red: Under 25 miles per hour

  • Gray: No data available at this time


Traffic info doesn’t work in every location, but the only way to find out is to give it a try. If no color codes appear, assume that it doesn’t work for that particular location.

How to get more info about a location on the iPad mini

If a location has a little i in a blue circle to the right of its name or description, you can tap it to see additional information about that location.


You can get directions to or from that location, add the location to your bookmarks or contacts, or create a new contact from it. You can do two more things with some locations from each location’s Info screen:

  • Tap its e-mail address to launch the Mail application and send an e-mail to it.

  • Tap its URL to launch Safari and view its website.

Not all locations have these options.


  1. Navigate your directions by swiping the road signs to the left or right or by choosing from a list:

    • Road signs: Swipe right or left on the road signs to see the next or previous step in your route. The current step is highlighted and a blue circle appears on the map to indicate the location of that step. The other (next or previous) steps are dimmed slightly.

    • List: If you prefer to see your driving directions displayed as a list with all the steps at once, tap the Overview button near the top-right corner of the screen and then tap the List button at the bottom of the screen, dead center; the steps appear in an overlay.


      The List button appears on the Route screen, but disappears when you tap Start. Remember to tap the Overview button to make it reappear. Tap any step in the list to see that leg of the trip displayed on the map.

      If you want to return to the step-by-step road sign directions and map again, tap the Resume button in the upper-right corner of the screen or tap any step in the list overlay. The list disappears and the road signs and map reappear.