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How to Read a Book on an iPad mini

To start reading a book on your iPad mini, tap it. The book leaps off the shelf, and at the same time, it opens to either the beginning of the book or the place where you left off.

(And you may have left off on an iPhone, iPod touch, Mac with OS X Mavericks, or another iPad because through your Apple ID, your virtual place in a book is transported from device to device as long as both devices have an Internet connection.)

Even from the very title page, you can appreciate the color and beauty of Apple’s app as well as the navigation tools.


If you rotate the iPad to the side, the one-page book view becomes a two-page view, though all the navigational controls remain the same.

On the interactive books, you may have a scrolling view of a book rather than the typical one-page view.

While you’re lounging around reading, and especially if you’re lying down, you should use the Screen Rotation Lock to stop the iPad mini from inadvertently rotating the display.

You can take advantage of iOS’s VoiceOver feature to have the iPad mini read to you out loud. It may not be quite like having Mom or Dad read you to sleep, but it can be a potential godsend for people with impaired vision.

The VoiceOver feature is useful under certain circumstances. But we’re not at the point where the iPad’s loquacious virtual assistant Siri can read a book out loud. Maybe someday. For now, Siri can open the iBooks app though.

How to turn a book’s pages on the iPad mini

You’ve been turning pages in books your entire life, so you don’t want this simple feat to become a complicated ordeal just because you’re now reading electronically. Fear not, it’s not. You have no buttons to press.

Instead, to turn to the next page of a book, do any of the following:

  • Tap or flick your finger near the right margin of the page. If you tap or flick, the page turns in a blink.

  • Drag your finger near the margin, and the page folds down as it turns, as if you were turning pages in a real book.

  • Drag down from the upper-right corner of the book, and the page curls from that spot. The effect is so authentic, you can make out the faint type bleeding from the previous page on the next folded-down page.

  • Drag up from the lower-right corner, and the page curls up from that spot.

  • Drag from the middle-right margin, and the entire page curls.

To turn to the previous page in a book, tap, flick, or drag your finger in a similar fashion, except now do so closer to the left margin. You’ll witness the same cool page-turning effects.

That’s what happens by default anyway. Go to Settings➪Apps➪iBooks; you have the option to go to the next page instead of the previous page when you tap near the left margin. So tapping either margin would advance you to the next page.

You can also flick to scroll through a book vertically rather than turning pages in portrait view. Tap the Font (little A and big A) button, and in the Themes dialog, switch from Book view (portrait) and Scroll view (vertical) There’s also a Full Screen view that operates just like Book view, lacking the booklike adornments of page edges, hardbound binding, and so forth.

The iPad is smart, remembering where you left off. So if you close a book by tapping the Library button in the upper-left corner or by pressing the main Home button, you automatically return to this page when you reopen the book. It isn’t necessary to bookmark the page (though you can).

The one proviso: You need an Internet connection when you “close” the book because otherwise the server at Apple doesn’t get the new bookmark info to pass on when you open the book on another device. And similarly, you need an Internet connection when you reopen it to retrieve the information that was passed on.

How to jump to a specific page on the iPad mini

When you’re reading a book, you often want to go to a specific page. Here’s how:

  1. Tap anywhere near the center of the page you’re reading to summon page navigator controls, if they’re not already visible.

  2. Drag your finger along the slider at the bottom of the screen until the chapter and page number you want appear.

  3. Release your finger and voilà— that’s where you are in the book.

    Tap “Back to page xx” at the bottom-left corner of the screen to return to where you were. Or tap “Go to page xx” at the bottom right to go to the furthest point you’ve read in the book.

How to go to the Table of Contents in an iBook

Most books you read on your iPad have Tables of Contents, just like many other books. With a book open on your iPad, tap the Table of Contents button near the top of the screen.

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