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How to Organize Your iPad’s Icons into Folders

Finding the single app that you want to use among apps spread out over 15 iPad screens may seem like a daunting task. But Apple felt your pain and added a handy organizational tool: folders. The Folders feature lets you create folder icons, each containing apps that pertain to the name that Apple assigned or you gave to that folder.

To create a folder, follow these steps:

  1. Press your finger against an icon until all the icons on the screen wiggle.

  2. Decide which apps you want to move to a folder and then drag the icon for the first app on top of the second app.

    The two apps now share living quarters inside a newly created folder. Apple names the folder according to the category of apps inside the folder.

  3. (Optional) Change the folder name by tapping the X on the bar where the folder name appears and typing a new name.

To launch an app that’s inside a folder, tap that folder’s icon and then tap the icon for the app that you want to open.

With iOS 7, you have plenty of room for all your apps. Indeed, you can stash up to 9 apps per page in a folder and have as many as 14 pages. That’s a grand total of 126 (more, we suspect, than you’d possibly ever want to tuck away in a folder).

When you drag all the apps from a folder, the folder automatically disappears. You can also drag apps on or off the Dock.

Folders are a great organizational tool. But if you have numerous apps on the iPad, it’s a lot easier to create and arrange folders not from the tablet but when syncing your device in iTunes.