How to Move Files to Your Computer from Your iPad with iTunes - dummies

How to Move Files to Your Computer from Your iPad with iTunes

You can move files to and from iTunes on your iPad to your computer with a cable or, in iOS 5 and later, with a Wi-Fi connection.

You can also use utility programs such as Dropbox to manage files, which is sometimes simpler and avoids certain constraints imposed by Apple-centric iTunes.

Each iWork app has its own storage area for your files. You move files from your iPad to your computer using iTunes and these steps:

  1. Connect your iPad to the computer where you want to move the files.

    Your computer can be a Mac or PC. It must have iTunes installed.

    In iOS 5 and later, you can sync between your iPad and your computer using a Wi-Fi connection rather than a cable. On the iTunes Summary screen, select Sync with This iPad over Wi-Fi under Options. If you have that option turned off or do not want to use it, you can connect your iPad to your computer with a cable.

  2. When iTunes launches, find your iPad in the Devices section of the Source List and select it by clicking once.

  3. Select the Apps tab from the group of tabs running across the top of the pane as shown in this figure.

    If you’re running iTunes with the Mavericks OS on a Mac, you won’t see an Info tab to the left of the Apps tab.


  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the pane and select the iWork app you’re interested in.

    The documents on your iPad for that app are shown.

  5. Select the document you want and click Save To.

  6. Choose the folder and the name you want to use for the saved file.

    The file is moved to your computer.